Links That Benefits An SEO Campaign

link buildingEffective marketing strategy is key to achieving success in your online business. Most people shopping online are guided by the results of search engines. In order to ensure a successful online business, you need to move closer to your target audience by ranking your sites high in search engine results. Optimizing your business website for the search engines drives more traffic and attract potential customers. High quality backlinks are a major factor that help ranks websites high in search results. Search engines, such as Google, update its website regularly so as to penalize websites using spammy link building techniques to drive traffic and rank high in the search results.

SEO Sydney remains the most reliable way of increasing your revenue and attracting potential customers in and around Sydney. This can be achieved by hiring a result driven SEO company. They will provide long lasting solutions to your SEO needs. There are lots of SEO company in Sydney that provide a wide range of online marketing services to your firm or business such as link building, search engine optimization and pay per click services. If you are looking for the most effective way to grow your business, increase visibility and drive more traffic to your website, investing in a result driven SEO strategy is the best option.

There are many benefits that high quality links can offer.

  1. Build the authority of your brand

High quality links on websites with lot of traffic offers additional benefits for your SEO campaign as they attract more clients and help promote your brands in ways you least expected. Potential clients see these links as a good indication that your products or services rendered are the best. As more people visit your website, it increases your brand awareness. A positive online reputation offers great benefits to your website

  1. Increase traffic

Getting your links on popular websites helps drive targeted traffic to your online business 24/7. Most online users that click on the links while surfing the web are redirected to your website and this will continue to push targeted traffic for a very long time.

  1. Value for money

Increase in traffic makes your website rank high in search engine result pages. More traffic results into increased revenue or more downloads, so your website will be providing high returns on investment. As your website is been seen by more people, they are likely to patronize you.

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3 Ways To Keep Your SEO Clients – And Keep Them Happy

Forget everything you’ve learned about running a successful SEO business. If you want to know the real secret to a SEO firm’s success, listen to what we have to say.

The SEO industry is a volatile place and no one knows this better than SEO firms. In order for SEO firms to be successful, their clients have to be successful. This caveat is a double edged sword for SEO firms. Aside from fantastic SEO campaigns, word of mouth advertising can also make – or break – a business.

If your clients are happy, they’re going to tell everyone about you. If your clients aren’t happy, they’re still going to tell everyone about you.

happyclientsHappy clients.

That’s….the secret to a successful SEO firm.

So now that you know the big secret about keeping clients happy, how do you achieve that goal?

We’re going to tell you how to do that, too – in three easy steps.

Use the client’s goals as both the starting point and the ending point for SEO campaigns.

Unless you know what your clients are trying to accomplish, you will never be able to satisfy them. Before doing any SEO campaign planning, take the time to find out what’s important to your client and what they want the end result of their SEO efforts to be. Find out how their business works, how their traffic is responding to their current campaign and which online marketing factors have worked best (or worst) for them in the past. Having this information provides a better understanding of what your client expects from you and which SEO methods would be most beneficial to their brand. Communication is vital – remember that!

Take a multifaceted approach to your SEO campaigns.

Experienced SEO firms know that it’s foolish to rely on one or two avenues for improving traffic and increasing conversion rates. Not only is it foolish, it’s not (usually) what your clients are paying you to do. The Internet is a vast marketplace with billions of users – and each one of those is a potential lead for your client. To give your client the best exposure for their brand and the best ROI, tap into every available marketing channel you can find. If you bring business to your client, your client will continue bringing business to you.

Show them what they’re getting for their money.

When you’re consulting with a client for the first time, it’s easy to persuade them to invest in your services by telling them all the fantastic things your firm can do for their brand. However, once you get a month or two down the road, your clients are going to want proof that you’re delivering everything you promised them. And rightly so. Creating custom reports based on their website analytics is a great way to show your clients their ROI. However,  you have to be careful to break down the technical jargon in a way they can understand. Ultimately, the information the majority of SEO clients are going to want is 1) how many people did your firm bring to my website  and 2) how much money did I make. Be very careful though, when generating these reports. You want to be upfront, open and honest with your clients about their situation. Show them what you can fix, show them what’s working and show them how committed you are to their success. The keyword here is show….very important.

The best rule of thumb you can use to keep your SEO clients happy is that all-important “Golden Rule” you learned way back in grade school.

Treat them the way you would want to be treated.

Or in this case, be the kind of SEO firm you would want to hire.

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5 Daily Habits To Outrank The Competition

outrankgoogleHumans are creatures of habit.

When they find something that (they think) works or that they like, they keep doing it – simply out of habit. Of course, if it’s a good habit – there’s no problem enjoying it. But bad habits generally lead to bad ends so you have to be very careful which habits you take up – especially in business.

If your online marketing habits aren’t giving you the results you want, in terms of improved conversion rates and page rankings, it may be time to take up some new ones. We’re going to outline five of the best habits you can have in order to outrank the competition.

Get active on social media.

The whole point of having an account on a social media platform is to be social. Being social means interacting with people. If you’re not being social, what’s the point of even having an account? Every day, make it a habit to respond to at least one posting on all the platforms your brand utilizes in their marketing campaigns. Frequent social media interaction tells your followers that you notice them and in turn, they notice you – win/win situation.

Create and post new content every single day.

It might be a blog entry, an article, a video or an infographic. It doesn’t matter what kind of new content you create – so long as you do. Longer articles and blog entries, however, can be double edged swords. Wordier pieces of 2,000 words or so tend to rank better in the search results, but can be a drag to read. Keep the text well formatted, relevant, informative, timely and evergreen. Create the kind of stuff people want to read and pass on. If you wouldn’t like it/read it/pass it on, don’t expect anyone else to, either.

Repurpose and reuse your old content.

Even if you write only the most evergreen content for your site, links change, information becomes outdated and facts are constantly being skewed. Take an old article or blog entry and fact check it to make sure all the links work and that the information you’ve given is still valid. Reword it, rewrite it, change it up a bit to give it a fresh new look and pique the interest of your visitors.

Become a ‘forum regular’.

The Internet is full of forums dedicated to almost any niche you can think of. Find one that suits your industry and take up residency there. Interact with other users, offer guidance and expertise on topics you know and get feedback from others. Being a frequent contributor gets you noticed and establishes you as an authority in your industry. On a side note, forums shouldn’t be used for self-promotion, but it doesn’t hurt to put a link to your website in your signature or your forum profile.

Keep the link wheel turning.

Having great content on your website won’t do you any good unless people know it’s there. Help point them in the right direction by promoting your content on your social media platforms. Tweet it, Facebook it, post it on LinkedIn – wherever you have an audience is a good platform to post it on. But remember to reciprocate the link love by passing on other people’s content, too. Not only is it a nice thing to do – it makes them more likely to respond in kind by passing on yours.