Sydney, Australia – Technology Hub

Sydney is the place to watch for new Technology. As the home of upcoming Technology hub Silicon dock and the birthplace of many famous and soon-to-be-famous giants of software development, it is certainly earned its place on the tech radar.

Whether you are a developer looking for work, an investor looking for the best centers of innovation or a Sydneysider interested in what is going on in your city and what useful apps are out there for you, there is a lot happening in the Sydney technology front.

Sydney, Australia is a unique, iconic city situated in an idyllic location surrounded by sandy beaches on one side and the crisp, clear blue mountains on the other. But the climate and outstanding natural beauty is not the only thing which draws people to this place.

Sydney has a vibrant, expanding technology community and it is the birth place of many exciting new technology startups, many of these Australian businesses are developing innovative software.

Sydney is also going to be home to one of the worlds most prominent new tech hubs – Silicon Harbor. Backed by a solid group of Australian Businesses and started by PureProfile CEO Paul Chan, Silicon Harbor, is quickly drawing traction among small and large technology companies alike. It is currently in the development phase.

There are several famous Business applications which have been created by Sydney-based companies. Atlassian is probably the most famous Sydney tech company. Their software development applications include project management tool Jira and code management tool BitBucket, both used on a worldwide scale.

But it is not just established businesses which thrive in Sydney. The city is also home to some very innovate and clever start up companies. There are a few interesting new Business applications and ventures coming from Sydney.

On of the most successful of these is Coinjar, a company for trading bitcoins. Coinjar has now over 700,000 customers.

Another success story is Persolla, a software development company which has taken the world by storm and changed the face of e commerce. Persolla provides an easy way for small businesses and individuals to sell their work online without requiring any software development at all. A customer simply adds an image and description of their product and gets a link which can be used to carry out the checkout and sale.

Sydney is also a fast growing hive of apps created specifically for people living in Sydney or traveling around Australia. App development in Sydney has increased dramatically in the last few years with many useful apps being released which make life easier. One popular app in Sydney is tripView, an app which shows real time information for buses and trains. Very handy for anyone living in Sydney.

Doing a bit of traveling? A very practical app to have is wikicamps, which provides an active database of all the campsites in Australia.

Another handy app, an absolute necessity for a night out, is Clipp. This easy to use app allows you to leave your cards at home (or keep them safely in your wallet) as the app can be used to start a bar tab and pay for the drinks at the end of the night.

If you are a parent with a child in creche, Kinderloop is a must. This app allows you to communicate with the carers about your child, whether it be issues at creche, development notes or anything you need to know.

All in all, there is a lot going on in Sydney, both from a global tech perspective and also as a consumer, looking for practical, every day solutions to make life easier.

The Latest SEO Trends for 2017

seostrategies2017 is bound to be an interesting year for SEO experts. However, SEO remains a game that requires a business to always stay ahead of competitors. A great way of accomplishing this dominance and competitiveness is being aware of the latest trends in the industry and adjusting your strategies before your competitors.

Here are some of the latest trends that every digital marketer or SEO specialist should know:

Dense content is on the rise

Internet users are no longer interested in reading fluff content repeatedly. Over the recent past, readers have preferred “epic” content. This includes long blog posts that cover topics comprehensively. However, since the market is being flooded with such content, the newest trend is ignoring length and focusing on more informative content that occupies small space. Thus, dense content is now appealing to more readers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are on the rise

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs refer to an open-source protocol where webmasters create pages that load on mobile devices almost instantly. Ideally, some structural changes may seem simple but they can make a website load faster and use less data. Currently, Google favours AMPs websites. This means that more Australian businesses will most likely take advantage of AMPs in 2017.

Optimizing user experience

It’s no secret that when it comes to impressing visitors, speed matters. That’s why Google favours websites that load quickly with proper optimization for mobile devices. This is because these websites provide an enjoyable experience to the users. However, in 2017 user experience may be emphasized more. That’s because it is related to mobile devices. AMPs may be the first indicator of this. Nevertheless, there may be other ways via which Google will show favouritism for websites that provide ultimate user experience.

Social media

Social media has taken the centre and front part when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. Currently, search engines are giving social media pages top ranking preferences. That means if a business lacks social media presence, its SEO strategy will definitely suffer.

Digital marketing specialist will become more sophisticated

Almost every business needs a digital marketer or an SEO specialist. However, 2017 requires more sophisticated specialists. These are professionals with experience and knowledge of how search engines work and how target prospects perform online searches. Knowledge in the use of personal tools like Cortana and Siri, which make lives simpler, will also be important for SEO specialists since these might mark opportunities for new rankings.

Apps favouritism

Over the last years, SEO options for mobile apps have increased significantly. From deep linking and basic indexing for apps to content in the apps, app streaming has developed immensely. This enables users to stream the content of the apps without downloading and installing apps in their devices. Currently, Google caters for the users of these apps without alienating their core functions in the search engine. However, Google might show further favouritism for apps in 2017. Although it might be early for apps to replace websites altogether, this might be a step towards this path.

It’s not easy to determine what exactly the search engines plan for us this year. However, these are the latest SEO trends to watch out for as the year unfolds.

SEO Case Study: LeMotion Wedding Videography in Sydney

SEO Case Study | Wedding Videos & Cinematography


Lemotion Wedding Films, a creative story telling wedding video company based in Sydney that offers unique and compelling cinematic wedding films that will leave you breathless.

Key Highlights & Achievements:

  • High Page 1 Rankings for these competitive niche keyword phrases
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    • And more
  • SEO Traffic have increased by 613%


To go up against the big players in the market and dominate Page 1 of Google and drive more traffic and leads to the website. Increase online visibility and brand exposure.

SEO Scope of Work:

  • Identified the best keyword phrases with traffic that matches their core services
  • Performed overall website assessment, health check & gathered requirements.
  • Performed comprehensive competitor & market analysis and developed SEO countermeasure strategies for the target keywords
  • Performed Onsite SEO & Keyword Mapping
  • Created unique SEO Strategies based on what LeMotion needs to achieve our goals. Implemented these Custom SEO strategies.
  • Acquired high authority backlinks, citations and other forms of effective ranking signals to propel their rankings.
  • Documentation & Implementation of Recommendations
  • Performed Conversion Rate Optimization & provided regular reports & updates


Mission accomplished! LeMotion is now on Page 1 and high Page 1 of Google for competitive keywords, SEO traffic & leads have increased.


Louie and their team are THE BEST digital marketing experts (SEO) in Sydney, Australia ever, the result of their work even helped us reach out audiences from many corners of the world! Just check out these amazing results, the benefits to us are beyond these numbers, it has established us to become one of the leading videography company in Sydney, well done Louie and team, we thank you forever!

-Leon Tong

Keyword Ranking Report:



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