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Google Local Search SEO

Pro SEO Package That Will Get YOUR Site Listed HIGH on Google and Bing – Fueling Your Local Business With More Customers and Higher Sales

Search engines have long been a major source of new customers and sales for online sites, national businesses, and global corporations.

In recent years, major search engines like Google and Bing have started focusing on helping their users find local business. Just think how often you’ve typed something like “Italian Restaurant” into Google and immediately Google suggests “Italian Restaurant near me.”

Each minute a huge number of LOCAL customers are guided to local businesses by Google and Bing. Those companies that are listed highly on search engine databases instantly come up as the most visible suggestions.

When a customer clicks on “business near me” they are guided directly to your listing and site. Suddenly you’ve got hundreds or thousands of local people being introduced to your site and business.

Best of all, this is organic traffic. These people are ACTIVELY searching for a company, product, or service like yours. In a way, they are already pre-sold. They know what they want and are ready to buy NOW!

Of course, being listed prominently on Google and Bing is just a dream for most businesses. Unless you are spending tens of thousands per month on SEO experts or are just lucky, you probably won’t get on page one, two, or even three.

We can change that!

Our highly respected and experienced SEO engineers can skillfully equip your site to harvest the massive amount of local traffic being sent to deserving local sites.

How do we do it? Through a combination of proven SEO strategies that impress Google and Bing, we improve your chances of grabbing lots of local sales.

Our popular Google & Bing Local Search Package includes not 1, not 2, but 6 major SEO strategies:

  1. 10 Local Keywords 

Having the right keywords is essential. It is imperative to know the exact words your best prospects are going to use to find a business like yours. This isn’t always intuitive. It more often requires careful research to uncover the golden keywords that will produce results.

Those keywords can be worked into your page titles and content. Your site can be focused on those keywords to an extent so Google and Bing determine your site really IS about those keywords local customers are most interested in.

Rather than having to try keywords by trial and error or using the same well known keyword sources everyone else uses, you have access to our professional sources and methods. We can zero in on precisely the right keywords for your business. You will have those needed to reach your best possible audience of red hot prospects.

  1. Onsite SEO Recommendation

One of the most requested services we offer is “can you look at our site and make SEO recommendations?” Yes we can and do as part of the Google & Bing Local Search Package.

There are a great many things you can do to make your site more attractive to the major search engines. We know from long experience and ongoing research exactly which techniques work best for local business sites.

We will look through your site and make specific recommendations that will usually result in higher listings.

  1. Local Search SEO Strategies Implementation

Now here is the part every business wants. Most SEO firms will recommend changes, then leave it up to you to get it done. We know you don’t have time for that. So we go to the extra effort of implementing local search SEO strategies. Yes, we do the work for you.

  1. Conversion Rate Recommendation and Optimization

It does no good to get all those new prospects on your site if you can’t convert them to customers. We use industry best practices to turn your site into a money making machine. We show you exactly how to get better conversion with tighter optimization. Now you’re getting the most sales possible through your site. No doubt about it — this could easily increase your profits in significant to extraordinary ways.

  1. Keyword Ranking Analysis & Report

We don’t keep our keyword knowledge to ourselves. You get a complete keyword ranking analysis and report. Now you can see for yourself how all the keywords under consideration rank with search engines and their massive audience of users.

  1. Website Traffic Analysis & Report

Ultimately all these activities are designed to do one thing: give you bigger and better website traffic. Here we provide all the details about your site’s traffic, where it’s coming from, what kind of people they are, and all the other pertinent parameters.

What does all this cost?

You better sit down. This massive local SEO package costs far less than you might expect. We are setting new standards for affordability for even the smallest local business.

You get ALL this

  1. 10 Local Keywords
  2. Onsite SEO Recommendation
  3. Local Search SEO Strategies Implementation
  4. Conversion Rate Recommendation and Optimization
  5. Keyword Ranking Analysis & Report
  6. Website Traffic Analysis & Report

Get ALL this for JUST $500 + GST.

Order NOW and we will go to work making YOUR site the one local customers find easily on Google and Bing.