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SEO Services That Bring Concrete, Measurable Results

Digital Presence Solutions Delivers Cutting-Edge Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most rewarding yet completely frustrating endeavors on the planet. Pulling in tens of thousands of new visitors to your site can give your business a huge boost. Suddenly your phones are ringing, your email is blooming with red hot prospects, your sales are going crazy, and profits are multiplying.

Organic SEO can bring you a massive, non-stop supply of hot leads and paying customers who are already pre-sold on your company. They came to Google actively looking for a product, service, idea, or business like yours. When Google listed YOU as one of their top choices, the searcher figures you’re the best. They click to your site already believing you are a leader, you can solve their problem or supply their needs, and you are deserving of their business.

This is a major shortcut for sales. Instead of going through the usual process of getting the prospect’s attention, informing them, impressing them, then finally convincing them to buy — these individuals come already convinced you are the person to buy from.

Fortunately that’s the kind of success we bring our clients every day. But the flip side of SEO is search engines like Google and Bing change their algorithms often, sometimes daily. You can’t just be a full-time SEO expert to keep track of all this. You must have an expert TEAM that learns, updates, and explores SEO 24/7.

That’s the #2 reason why Digital Presence Solutions should be YOUR choice for SEO excellence. The #1 reason is we get results. Our process is completely transparent as we build your SEO presence, then you reap the rewards as the numbers start to come in. We keep you fully apprised at all times. You will know what we are doing, why were are doing it, and what kind of responses we are getting.

At its very root, Search Engine Optimization is fundamentally pretty easy to understand. Google and others want to give the best sites the highest ranking. How do they define best? Their computers look for sites that have a LOT of visitors and very useful content. They are looking for sites that are high value to the millions of people who search.

That’s where Digital Presence Solutions comes in. We use proven strategies to give you the higher visibility and search engine ranking you need for a big increase in visitors, to generate respect, and to bring in great leads and enthusiastic sales.

Here is an overview of how we get you measurable results.

Please keep in mind we do NOT offer a one-size-fits-all. Every site has dramatically different needs. We create a CUSTOM APPROACH that is completely personalized for your situation. We will use SOME of the methods below, but not necessarily all of them.

The days of black hat tricks having any success are long gone. You can’t just tweak your keywords and expect Google to notice. It takes real improvement of your site in ways that major search engines will appreciate.

We start by taking a close look at your website’s design and structure. We then make the necessary changes to your site’s source code. We use sophisticated Meta Data to make it easier for
Search Engines to index your site for inclusion.

We then fill your site with quality, unique content that centers around the main products or services you provide and the well researched keywords that describe them.

We act as SEO consultants to give you a solid picture of how your site is doing, what changes could give it far greater success, and how to go about accomplishing those changes.

We perform a complete SEO Audit to see exactly what kind of visibility you have on search engines, how they perceive your site, and realistic ways your ranking could be improved.

We have full website design capabilities to give you a site that not only convinces and sells, but has the respect of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Our keyword research focuses on broad keywords that grab lots of eyeballs and money keywords that pull in the people who are going to BUY NOW.

Much of how you are ranked is based on which sites link to you. We use sophisticated link building methods to increase the number of back links and improve the quality of those sites.

We provide complete Web Copywriting and SEO Copywriting services. Your site can feature copy that not only gets the attention of search engines, but skillfully informs and sells to improve your site’s conversion.

WordPress SEO is a specialized field. Because of the vast number of WordPress sites, we are experts at helping them achieve better ranking.

We offer a full line of SEO Packages and Plans. Now YOU can get the affordable service you need, perfectly tailored to your site and business. Remember, your SEO plan will be completely customized for your particular needs. We use only the methods and strategies that will get you the best results.

Please contact us for your no-obligation discussion of how Digital Presence Solutions can bring exceptional SEO results to your company. We listen closely to your challenges and advice, then we go to work delivering the finest SEO service in Australia.