The Role of SEO Service Providers in Managing Online Reputation

What is the first thing you do when you hear a new name or term that you want to know more about? Google it, right? Well, that means you are like the vast majority of people – the Internet is the first place they will turn to for finding more information on just about anything in life. This makes it obvious that they will turn to it for learning more about your business as well.

What Are They Saying About You Online Reputation WebsiteThat’s why it has become increasingly important to manage your online reputation well. Maintaining your brand with a positive and active online presence can translate into increased brand awareness, good press, more fans and, consequently, increased sales.

So, how exactly do SEO providers manage your online reputation? Let’s take a look at the roles they play in the process:

  1. Create positive, optimized content – They employ targeted content development strategies to help you mold your brand’s online presence using well optimized, positive messages.
  2. Optimize and spread your positive content – Without SEO, your reputation management efforts will never get off the table since no one will see them. So, once your brand’s message is created, and your content delivering that message is ready, SEO providers optimize it to the hilt so that it shows up higher in the search results.
  3. Change attitudes and perceptions – As a result of social media plans and goals, your target audience associates the positive messages they receive with your brand name, simultaneously transforming perceptions and attitudes towards your business. That is the very essence of search engine reputation management.
  4. Do damage control – The concept of “any press is good press” no longer applies on the internet. With so much at stake, you just can’t afford to have skeletons tumbling out of your online closet at any cost these days. Thus, they help in correcting and trying to undo any damage, especially in the areas that affect your business the most. Negative comments from spammers and competitors are dealt with swiftly and effectively also.

Search results can be the make or break factor for your business. It takes a long time to get a new customer, but it only takes a second to lose them. And that’s precisely where an SEO provider can come to your rescue – by helping you promote as well as protect your digital footprint.

Why Is Reputation Management and Building Trust So Important?

What Is Reputation Management?

Online-marketing-reputation-management-300x158As a business owner, you work extremely hard every day to provide the best product or service you can for your customers. You strive to provide value with every sale, you go the extra mile in customer service – but suddenly the calls and sales stop seemingly out of the blue.

The truth is, this happens to many businesses every day and the reason is simple: a few negative reviews have shown up online about the business and it has put the reliability and credibility of the business in doubt. As a result the business is losing customers and generating less revenue. Fortunately, though, you can find a digital marketing agency in Sydney that offers reputation management to take care of the problem.

What exactly is reputation management?

Reputation management is the process of putting your business profile in the most positive light possible when users see you online. This means having high ratings and reviews, no negative articles on the front page of search engines, and ultimately building trust back into your online presence.

According to a Nielsen Global Trust survey, 7 out of every 10 buyers trust online reviews, even anonymous ones, and weigh those reviews in purchasing decisions. Your local reputation is one of the most important factors your buyers consider before making a purchase.

Without reputation management, your SEO company could drive thousands of new prospects to your online presence but your negative reviews could be preventing those prospects from converting. Getting Reputation Management in Sydney will help amplify any other marketing channels your digital agency is currently working on (from SEO and social media management to PPC campaigns).

Proper Reputation Management in Sydney is Crucial

One of the most important things to remember about reputation management in Sydney is that it must be done correctly with ‘white hat’ methods. Creating fake reviews to bolster your online presence puts you in precarious legal situations and will ultimately be uncovered, leaving your reputation in a worse situation than it was.

When hiring a digital agency or SEO company in Sydney, make sure they not only have the SEO talent to rank positive reviews and articles at the top of the search engines, be certain that they only use real, verifiable testimonials and reviews to increase your ratings.

Need Reputation Management for your company?

At Digital Presence Solutions we have over 20 years of combined experience in SEO, digital marketing, and reputation management. We take all of our clients business as serious as if they were our own and use cutting edge technology and industry best-prices to not only push negative information about your company off the first pages of search engines, but increase your ratings and online reputation. If you want to keep your company’s reputation as high as possible and establish long-lasting trust with your prospects, contact us today!