The Benefits of Adwords For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Karte mit ErrorGoogle Adwords is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of kickstarting online marketing campaigns. It’s also one of the most overlooked and under-utlizied options for small to mid-sized business owners.

That’s because most smaller business owners think that Adwords is something only larger brands with endless marketing budgets can take advantage of. The good news is – that’s not the case. Google Adwords is available to businesses of any size and offers a substantial ROI.

Here’s an overview of the top benefits of Google Adwords and why should every small to mid-sized businesses include it in their marketing arsenal.

Little To No Initial Investment – The most attractive thing about Google Adwords for businesses on a limited marketing budget is that there is little to no initial investment to get an Adwords campaign started. Business owners decide upfront how much they want to dedicate to the campaign, whether it be $10 or $10,000. The account is only billed when someone clicks the brand’s ad and only then is the initial investment even used.

Complete Budget Control – Google Adwords puts business owners in complete control of their campaigns by allowing them to choose how much to pay per click received and exactly how much money to devote to the campaign. Once the initial investment has been exhausted, the campaign ends and no further charges are incurred. Additionally, campaigns can be started and stopped at any time without penalty.

Instant, Targeted Traffic – Even the best planned SEO campaigns can take a couple of months to do their magic and drive traffic to a website. With Google Adwords, traffic increases almost instantly because the ads give search engine users a visual aide to follow instead of just a text link at the top of the results page. The visual aide piques their interest and gives them more incentive to click. Google Adwords also allows businesses to target local traffic as well, including the option to use different ads and keywords for different demographics in the same campaign.

Versatility – Google Adwords is a powerful marketing tool that can be used alone or in conjunction with other SEO tactics. Campaigns are easy to start, easy to maintain and mesh seamlessly with on-site and off-site SEO efforts. Used alone, Google Adwords provides powerful insight into keyword effectiveness and search frequency so that websites can be tailored accordingly for maximum results.

Real-Time Tracking – As previously mentioned, it may take several months to see the results of on-site and off-site SEO efforts. Google Adwords provides a real-time window into the performance of current campaigns so that keywords can be tweaked as needed for optimum results. Real-time tracking also allows business owners to see their ROI, which is important for staying on target with their marketing budgets.

At Digital Presence Solutions, we have Certified Adwords Professional that can assist you in kick starting or elevating your Adwords campaign to the next level. Contact us now and speak to one of our experts.

Google released Adwords App for Android & iTunes – Adwords Express

adwordsappexpressManaging your AdWords campaigns on the go just got a lot easier. Earlier this month Google launched its AdWords App for Android with the iOS version coming out later on. Google has stated that this app is meant as a companion to the desktop version, and it is quite apparent. The app has a great deal of usefulness for small and medium sized businesses, but will probably leave some of the bigger businesses wanting a bit more.

The application features are mainly basic, but definitely useful, especially for smaller business owners who are constantly on the go. The dashboard of the new app shows you impressions, clicks, click-through rates, cost, conversion and a few other features. Users can also change their setting to view basic metrics by ad group, day and the device being used to generate the stats. This is great in and of itself, but you are not able to view advanced metrics and there is no impression share available on the app. It does, however, allow you to update and adjust your existing bids and budget as well as view campaign suggestions that may be sent to you via the Google AdWords Team. This particular feature can be turned on or off according to your preference. Another insightful and helpful feature is the 24/7 support. Google has made it possible to contact a Google expert directly via your tablet or smartphone.

The AdWords App also allows the user to pause and enable campaigns according to metrics data so that the user can take full advantage of the information they receive. This allows you to manage time sensitive promotions or put a campaign on hold that is not faring very well on a particular day. As a companion to the desktop version it does very well for all the basic needs of a business. But there are a few downfalls, for example you cannot create new ads or edit existing ones on the app. This could have an impact on smaller and start-up companies that still do most of their business on the go while they build their customer base. Another drawback is that some of the actions shown on the app are not necessarily actionable, and there is no keyword search to help pull up specific data that may be needed quickly, on the spot or in a meeting. All that being said the pros and cons are as follows:


  • Basic and useful account edits
  • Quick access to campaign data
  • 24/7 expert support and access
  • Quick and user friendly interface


  • Difficult to manage MCC level
  • No keyword search
  • No access to billing information (needed t edit MDO)
  • Cannot edit or create ads

Overall the app provides a great way to keep on top of your existing campaigns on the fly. It does meet Google’s description of being a partner to the desktop version of AdWords, so their goal was met. It is a wonderful start and future updates and changes to the app will be looked forward to. If you are looking for Adwords Management services, we can help. Please contact us now

The Benefits Of Google AdWords For Businesses

When it comes to digital marketing, a lot of business owners are put off by the fact that it typically does not start showing results instantly. You have to spend money and do a lot of waiting while you slowly climb in the ranks with search engine optimization and you need to build your social media profiles from nothing.

This wait can be a major factor that holds a lot of business owners, product creators, and service providers from taking advantage of online marketing. Fortunately there are other ways to get in front of your target market extremely quickly. Here are a few benefits that you will experience with AdWords campaign management from a Google AdWords certified manager.

google-adwords-101-feature-300x109Get Instant Results

One of the most appealing aspects of AdWords is that as soon as you start your campaign you start receiving new traffic, generating new leads, and even begin making new sales. While SEO is extremely important, it takes time; AdWords instantly places you at the top of search engines as soon as you start your campaign.

Easily Measure ROI

A Google AdWords certified campaign manager will always be able to calculate ROI and maximize your investment as the campaign continues. Instead of targeting keywords that are not generating sales or leads, your AdWords campaign management provider will be able to streamline your keywords so you are only paying for search terms that get you results.

Complete Budget Control

A very important aspect of Google AdWords is that you control exactly how much you want to spend on a campaign. Whether you have $5, $50, or $5,000 to spend per day, AdWords lets you control everything. That means no hidden costs to you at the end of the month.

Low Cost Of Entry

Unlike a print ad, for example, where you have to spend hundreds of dollars and run your ad for a set length of time, you can get started with Google AdWords and test keywords for just a few dollars. As a small business owner you may not have tens of thousands of dollars to start your AdWords campaigns and that is fine. A Google AdWords certified campaign manager can work with you on small budgets to get you started and easily increase your ad spend as your business grows.

Additional Benefits

Instantly appearing at the top of search results has a lot of obvious advantages: you generate a lot of traffic to your website and this traffic can convert into leads, sales, and ultimately more revenue for your business. There are other advantages to using AdWords that most people do not realize.

As a small business owner, you will appear in the same areas that larger, corporate companies may also appear. That adds a level of perceived authority and value to your business. You also increase brand awareness just by simply appearing in the search engine results pages – it helps get your name out there. With AdWords you only pay when someone actually clicks on your website.

adwords-certified-300x186Using Professional AdWords Campaign Management Is Important

While AdWords is an extremely effective platform for increasing traffic to your website, it is also complicated. A Google AdWords certified manager knows every aspect of the AdWords platform, from choosing correct keywords and analyzing real-time result data to ROI tracking and performance streamlining. Ultimately this means you are able to target the right keywords for your audience without wasting time and money on the ones that will not perform well.

If you are ready to instantly begin generating traffic to your website, get in touch with Digital Presence Solutions today. We are Google AdWords certified and know exactly what it takes to create the most effective, results-oriented AdWords campaigns possible for your business.